What should you expect?

Excellent! You're interested!

Step 1: Initial Chat

OK the first stage is to drop me an e-mail or call me to organise a complimentary consultation that lasts approximately an hour. We need to start with this so that we can make sure that we'll work well together. I'm sure we will! During the half hour we will chat about you, a bit about your background and why you're thinking about coaching. We'll talk about your goals, dreams, aspirations or any obstacles you want to overcome. This time lets me assess whether coaching is right for you and what you need. I won't make any guarantees that coaching can help if I think it won't. I will be open and honest with you and as long as you are with me, we can start your journey towards success!!

Step 2: Contract and T&Cs

Once the package (or decision to do sessions individually) has been agreed, then a contract will be sent to you to sign, committing to your journey using the coaching services, along with agreeing terms and conditions and payment terms. Once this has been signed and payment has been received*, the coaching can begin!!!

* if the option of individual sessions is taken then payment will only need to be received before each session.

Selection of package:

Dependent on your goal and desired timelines, the next step would be to decide on your coaching package! Through my experience, and most of my colleagues', at least 3-4 sessions are needed to allow the you to successfully move from your starting point to your end-goal. The success and speed of achieving your goal(s) is entirely based on your commitment to your own actions that are generated through the sessions. Some goals do take longer than others to be achieved however. In this case, by opting for a larger package you would save money over the course of the sessions. There is the option to take each session as a stand alone discussion. 

Step 3: Discovery Session

If you decide to go ahead with coaching we can then discuss what package best suits you and your needs, but regardless each journey in coaching is best begun with a Discovery Session. These sessions are approximately 2 hours long and it is when the coaching element is introduced. This type of session is an important part of the journey as it's when I really get to know you. I'll ask about you, your life at home and at work, we'll look at your values and beliefs and see what drives you. Like standard coaching sessions we will still work towards your SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-dependent) goal, also making sure you leave with SMART actions for you to undertake before I see you next. It is a little longer because of the 'getting-to-know-you' aspect. It takes place in the first month of your journey. If you decide not to opt for a  discovery session it is likely your first coaching session will primarily be a "getting-to-know-you" conversation with maybe small actions to go forward with by the end, although this isn't guaranteed.

Step 4: Coaching Sessions

The best step!! We will, hopefully, have started coaching in the Discovery session and now we'd begin by taking a look back at the period since that session. If you are a returning client then we would start with goal setting and getting those really defined. It could be quick and simple or it can take a lot of the session, you are the leader and we go at your pace. You are the one that lets me know what is achievable, realistic and whether you're really on board or not there yet. You have the power! These sessions will give you a structure to work within to reach your goals. Any actions will be created by you, I will help you stay aligned with what you want and on track with your timeline. By the end of our time together, you will reach your goal! If you follow your own actions, that you created in the sessions, and are open and honest with yourself about where you are, you can do it!!

Format of sessions

There are 4 ways we can conduct the coaching sessions and you are at liberty to try all of them or stick to one, whichever feels right for you.

Face-to-face coaching

Face-to-face coaching

Face-to-face coaching

Coaching in person means we can really understand each other as eye contact and body language holds as much, if not more, that what we say. I find building a rapport with coachees better face-to-face. If you do to this is a great option.


Coaching can take place anywhere!!

If you're a business with public premises I can come to you. If not we can meet at a cafe, hotel lobby or go to a public park for a walk (weather permitting!!). If you're concerned about sensitive discussion topics in a public place I can hire office space in Haddington, East Lothian; dates would then need to be arranged in tandem with the office as well as with you.

I am based in East Lothian but am happy to travel to Edinburgh, Midlothian and the Lauder-area in the Borders. Out-with those areas I can meet you for an additional charge to cover travel time and fuel - please see the Prices page for details.


Skype (with or without camera)

Skype (with or without camera)

Coaching using the Internet

Coaching can take place over Skype (or similar) too! The wonders of technology means that wherever you are I can coach you! We can still get the rapport going and it's cheaper than using the telephone! Don't worry if you don't want to use the screen, we can turn off the cameras if that is what you prefer.

Alternative online calls can be used, I can use Messenger calls and Whats App. Sadly I don't have Face Time as I am an android user sorry!

Coaching over the phone

Coaching over the phone

Coaching over the phone/internet call apps

Coaching over the phone or free internet call apps such as Facebook messenger can happen too. This is good if you want the sessions to be really flexible. Anywhere you are, if you have a phone signal, we can have a coaching session.


Coaching through e-mail

I also offer coaching through e-mail! Believe it or not this can be just as effective as other formats of coaching. Due to the flexibility coaching through e-mail offers there is only 1 package available for it at the moment.