I am always being told how great coaching is by my clients! They tell me they are seeing things in a different light and are able to live life with more purpose and joy - mostly a direct result of using the coaching tips they have learnt in sessions. So I thought, why not let them tell you why coaching could change your life for the better...

Liz Thomas (Director)  www.thehereandnow.org.uk

Liz Thomas (Director) www.thehereandnow.org.uk

Rebecca - Life Coaching (4 months)

I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough. She kept me accountable for my goals, challenged me in the most constructive ways and set me on the right path to fulfilling my own happiness day by day. She made me believe in me again. She's a wonderful coach.



Liz - Life Coaching (7 months +)

"I've been working with Caroline on ideas and actions to make me happier and healthier for over half a year now; and I can honestly say I would never have even come close to my goals without Caroline's excellent life coaching insights and techniques. 

I've got such a lot out of our coaching relationship, which just continues to build and build on itself. When we started she had a range of tools and resources which were both enlightening insights and which opened up more about my personality - what works for me and how. Building on that as a groundwork and a base, we've been exploring ways together for me to achieve goals I've set myself. For me it's about balance in a seriously busy life, finding time for myself and my spiritual awareness and connection. Caroline's helped me embed these goals into every day life and I'm so grateful for her wisdom and encouragement. 

She knows just when it's a new perspective that's needed, when it's opening up a new way of thinking, or if it's suggesting a strategy for making something happen. I owe her my sanity I think! "


Ciaran - Business Coaching (3 months)

"Caroline's business coaching was really valuable and helped me create achievable short and long terms goals. Caroline's positive attitude and approach put me at ease from the first session and I would highly recommend her."

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Ruth Munro  edinburghfermintarium.co.uk

Ruth Munro



Martin - Life Coaching (3 months)

"I feel more confident in having what I perceive to be challenging or confrontational conversations. These conversation are perceived as difficult as they centre on me opening up about how I am actually feeling at a given moment (not something that comes naturally to me given my introverted preferences). Initially I would bury the emotions and lessen the importance to the extent that the conversation would not take place and I would be left resentful, sad etc. However, the coaching sessions challenged my perceptions and encouraged me to think about what would happen if I did voice my concerns. As a result of setting clear goals/next steps at the end of the every session, I managed to have a few difficult discussions with those close to me and have felt much better as a result.

 -          Off the back of this, I am becoming much more conscious in my efforts to “care less”. By this I mean, I am consciously working away from being overly concerned with what the possible reactions/responses of individuals might be if I open up and tell them how I feel. I am working hard at reminding myself that I am not in control of the behaviours of others and that fear/concern over how they may take what I say is not an excuse for not telling them. I really feel that this has taken the pressure off and opened the gates to being more honest with myself and others.

 -          I have become more conscious of the link between my happiness and the happiness of others.  This is something that I will continue to reflect on and may possibly be the focus of future sessions."

Lucy - Career and Life coaching (6 months)

"I have been working with Caroline at Embrace and Evolve throughout a 6 month period. In that time she has listened, questioned and supported me.

Caroline helped me to set achievable goals which have made life and work stresses much easier to cope with and manage.

Since Caroline helped me to pick out what my stress triggers were I have been able to tackle each one head on but in a way that's achievable.

With her support I have become a calmer colleague and I am more understanding of myself.

Thank you Caroline, I have loved working with you. And I am so appreciative of the support you have given me."



Ruth - Business & Life Coaching (3 months)

Owner and Director of The Edinburgh Fermentarium

"Caroline helped me identify my goal and achieve it in just 3 months.
I'd never have done this without all her inspiration and support.
She has such an insightful way of helping people reassess and move forward.
Thanks Caroline :) "


Tom - business & Life coaching (8 sessions)

Caroline is excellent. I had no idea what to expect with life-coaching but it has brought huge benefits. I’ve become more focused and organised, and have achieved several goals that have been eluding me for years. Can’t recommend highly enough!