I believe coaching should be available for everybody. The fact is coaching is a high-end service that can cost a small fortune depending on who you sign up with. This is because it has been proven that the more you invest in a service, such as coaching, the more likely you will stick to your actions and achieve your goal.


The term “fortune” is a relative one. When I was a student a “fortune” was a taxi home at the end of a night out. Similarly there are people who consider a “fortune” to be financial status worth spending a lifetime to achieve.

With these 2 ends of the spectrum in mind, I have created the Sliding Scale Initiative. Most of the services I offer are part of this scheme and it means they are discountable. If you want to access coaching, but do not have the financial means to do so, please contact me at caroline@embraceandevolve.com and we can discuss a more affordable option for you - I will not turn you away.

please note: the Extensive Intensive package, Corporate coaching and the Optional Extras available under Prices are NOT included in the Sliding Scale Initiative