Corporate coaching

Larger companies who use business coaching can use it to help define objectives and overcome obstacles. They can also incorporate business coaching into their employees' Personal or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) plans. 1-2-1 or group coaching can help employees align their own objectives with the business strategies, improving their performance, efficiency and well-being.

A list of business coaching topics could include (but are not limited to):

  • Bettering your communication skills

  • Increasing client numbers

  • Increasing profits

  • Achieving targets

  • Improving inter-office relationships

  • Increasing motivational and leadership skills

  • Developing self-awareness

  • Working with uncertainty and ambiguity

  • Developing empowerment in yourself and your team

  • Improving time management

  • Developing influencing skills

 Corporate Coaching is a bespoke service offered by embrace & evolve.
For more information or to organise a quote for coaching in your organisation please email Caroline at e-mail or call 07701066817.