Coaching is an approach to conversation. It is a style, as well as a set of tools and techniques, that a coach (me) can use to enable a coachee (you) to think differently, more positively and creatively about a situation, event or even a singular thought that's holding them back. By taking control of your thoughts and understanding what you're aiming for you can actively make progress quickly and easily towards a better future.

Coaching comprises a series of 3 or more discussions between a coach and a coachee. The sessions begin by defining what you, the coachee, are looking for from the sessions. Through these sessions you work towards that greatly desired end-goal. Coaching itself offers new angles to think in, new questions to consider, and can change your entire way of being, allowing you to become more relaxed, peaceful and able to smile more.


NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is part of my tool-kit. It comprises models, activities and techniques to enable the coachee to look at their own patterns of behaviour and thinking. They can give you the space and the understanding to see where your values are potentially in conflict with your own behaviour; or how you can align your values and your actions so that you can have a new, more beneficial, perspective. NLP takes you right down to looking at what information your senses are absorbing and how you are translating this to thoughts and feelings that are affecting your everyday behaviour.