About Me

So you’re considering starting a new journey, taking a different road or finding a new way to do things… I’d like to enable you to do that.

To make that decision and just so you know if we’ll mesh well… Here's a wee bit about me :) 


My name is Caroline Kirk and I’m in my 30s. Born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, I haven’t strayed too far from home, settled now in East Lothian. I have a love for people and life in general – I always have had. Eternally optimistic, I always try to see the good in any situation, the potential in people and opportunities to be had. I would describe myself as an extroverted introvert, happy and confident around people, yet I also love time on my own and space to think.


It was my BSc(Hons) in Psychology that ignited my passion for working with people as a career. I learned that human beings are amazing and are limitless in their ability to achieve anything they put their mind to. After doing a postgraduate MSc in Human Resource Management, and gaining my CIPD membership, I took time to see if the corporate world held any opportunities for me to work with people, supporting them in some way… it didn’t really. What it did offer was an introduction into COACHING!

Coaching resonated with my values of love, compassion and non-judgement. It was a field of work that could allow me to pass the power to develop back to people; so instead of giving advice I would have faith in others that they held their own key to happiness and success! 


Excited about my new discovery I did the Institute of Leadership and Management’s Level 5 in Coaching & Mentoring, completing it with distinction. This course was very much set in the business sector with scenarios, case studies and coachees, whose goals and aspirations were within their working life. We tied their objectives to the organisation’s strategy, which made achieving their goals a win/win for them and their employer! 

Not enough to be happy with one qualification I wanted to know more about the field of coaching and how it could be applied to life situations. I found a wonderful company called Simply Changing, based in Derby. There I undertook their Level 5 Diploma of Performance Coaching with NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), the emphasis of this course mainly being on the person, regardless of whether their goals were business or life based. This course has been the game changer! I found an abundance of knowledge, self-awareness, an amazing network of brilliant people and an introduction to NLP!

I have been coaching nearly 3 and a half years. My experience has been a balance of business and life scenarios with all having great results. 

Now I would LOVE to hear about you, your dreams and goals. Can I help YOU enable them? Can I help YOU find out what they are? Or are you in a place in your life where you seek direction? Maybe you're finding yourself stuck in your personal life or in business?                                                  

If any of these strike a chord give me a call or e-mail me today to arrange to have that all important initial chat!

Caroline x